Can-Am Showcase Recap: Packy’s Posse Selections

This summer, NXT unveiled Manney's Men after Showcase Lacrosse's boys events. Director of Showcase Lacrosse Brett Manney submitted his picks for the best players. When Manney was in Maryland this weekend to coach his NXT 2019 team, Assistant Director of NXTChicago Garrett "Packy" Dollard took over Brett's duties. Here are his picks for the best players in attendance in an All-American team format with a breakdown of his pick for best player at every position.


Corson Kealey, Attack, 2017, Ontario, Canada, Everest Academy

I really enjoyed watching Corson play all day. He was the best player on the field in every game that I watched. He is a slick lefty with unbelievable hands. Corson is a stout kid and knows how to use his body to get to a position where he can create scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates, even if that is fading behind GLE. He has a howitzer for a shot and showed that he can put the ball anywhere he wanted or could finish inside by throwing lethal fakes that left goalies confused. Corson’s phenomenal play was not only limited to the individual day, but he continued it on Sunday as well. Playing with Everest Academy, Corson again dominated every game he played against some of the top competition in the Midwest.

Honorable Mention

Colin Domek, 2017, Naperville, IL, NXTChicago

Griffin Patton, 2017, Grayslake North, IL, Team One

Adam Clark, 2018, Loveland, OH, Cincy Royals


Joe Johnson, 2017, Culver Academy, IN, SweetLax

It was no mistake that Joe was named the MVP of the day. More than anything else, he is an unbelievable athlete and he put that on display on Saturday. There were several times where he took off and could not be caught, running by defenders from the midfield. He is a strong and fast midfielder that can do it all. He came off the wings to win ground balls, played great defense and was a scoring threat every time he touched the ball on the offensive end.

Honorable Mention

Tristan Hanna, 2017, Ontario, Canada, Everest Academy

Michael Coyle, 2016, Grosse Pointe South, MI, GP Select

Sean Palmer, 2017, St. Charles, IL, New Wave

Faceoff Specialist

Logan Flanagan, 2018, Ontario, Canada, Evolve Lax

A surprise pick here, but not if you watched him play. While he may have came up short in the King of the X challenge, he was named to the Select Game and he showed why. He dominated the faceoff X for his team during the games and then continued to do so on the biggest stage during the Select Game. His real advantage at the X is his athleticism. Logan did not always win the draw, but he was able to make every faceoff a fight and usually come out with the ball. He was lightning-quick and that's what made the difference for him at the X.

Longstick Midfielder

Connor Hamm, 2016, Detroit, MI, Maroon Platoon

Connor gives you no choice but to notice him when you look out onto the field. His 6-foot-4 frame is easy to spot and so was his choice of going “sun's out, guns out” in the middle of November. Connor was all over the field and was especially a dominant force coming off the wings on faceoffs. He played great defense and was always looking to push transition on the clears.


Parker Hopson, 2017, William Mason, OH, Cincy Royals

You're not going to miss Parker Hopson when you look out onto the field. Another big-bodied defender standing at 6-foot-4, it looked as if Connor Hamm and Parker were twin brothers. Similar to the Hanson brothers from Slap Shot, these two caused havoc when they were on the same team during the Select Game. Parker was aggressive all day and showed a mean side to him when on ball. He was also a vacuum on ground balls on the defensive side of the ball and could clear it himself.

Honorable Mention

Quinn Amato, 2017, Naperville, IL, NXTChicago

Michael Harris, 2016, Ontario, Canada, Everest Academy


Carter Blossy, 2017, St. Ignatius, OH, Burning River

There are always some challenges when playing goalie with a new group of defensemen that you just met. Carter played as if he had been with his defensemen for years. His communication to his teammates was my favorite part of his game. His great ball-stopping ability was just an added bonus to his communication. He showed both elements of his game on the biggest stage while playing in the Select Game.

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