NXT 2018 Jerry Bardol Commits to Christopher Newport University

Marty Kupprion
NXT Sports
Mar 19, 2017

Jerry Bardol verbally committed to Christopher Newport University. He's the seventh NXT 2018 to commit, the first to a Division III school, and he's the first player in NXT Lacrosse Club history to select the Captains of CNU.

We talked with Jerry to celebrate and share his commitment. We encourage players and parents alike to read and learn from his story.


Jerry Bardol, 2018 Attackman/Midfielder

High School: Upper Dublin, Class of 2018

College Commitment:  Christopher Newport Univerity, Class of 2022

Current Club Team: NXT LC 2018

Former Teams: Crooked Crosse, Wet Bandits, LB3


On Christopher Newport University: “This school is truly a hidden gem and is the right fit for me in so many ways. It’s a visually appealing, newer school with a beautiful campus and fresh new facilities. I liked that it’s not too big or too small, and I feel that the smaller class sizes will help me take advantage of their academic programs. I’m not set on a certain major but their business program is impressive and could be where I end up. I love the coastal location as it’s about fifteen minutes from campus to the beach.  That was important for me as I’ll be able have fun outside of lacrosse and away from campus.

Coach Mikey Thompson has me so excited about the lacrosse program at CNU. I look forward to learning and developing under him. My goal is to make an immediate impact and be a leader within the program. It’s a newer program, but it’s up and coming and they are working hard to build a tradition and make more of the lacrosse world aware of the school. It’s going to be a great opportunity for me to play at a high level and continue my lacrosse career at the next level.”

On his role models in lacrosse: “I have two cousins that have always played lacrosse and we have always had a extra-special bond because of that. Brad Meister played at St. Augustine Prep in New Jersey and Kevin Todd played at Spring Ford in Pennsylvania. They were both 2016 grads and both are now living their Division I dreams at Monmonth and Richmond. We’ve played together in the Ocean City Summer League and have been able to share our lacrosse experiences. Kevin is the one who told me that NXT would be the best place for me.”

On his learning curve in high school lacrosse at Upper Dublin: “I’ve been a part of a special era for Upper Dublin Lacrosse. I've had to wait my time in some regards but that has also helped me. Last year we graduated two guys, attackman Michael Sowers and defenseman Jack Rapine, who are two of the best lacrosse players I’ve ever seen. Those guys set the tone for the rest of the program and changed the way our program is looked at. They’re not here anymore so I feel a sense or urgency to be more of a leader this year. They’re both starting in college now, as freshmen, at Princeton and Johns Hopkins. I had to see them every day and they went all-out every day. Michael is my role model within the sport because of his confidence, unselfishness and his lacrosse IQ.  He gets everybody involved and he is a classy guy on and off the field. As for Jack Rapine, I can’t say I beat him 1v1 very much, but I can say him beating me up has made me tougher and made me better.

On his most influential coaches: “Coach Jay Foster has been a constant for me and is definitely the most influential person in my lacrosse career. He’s an old school guy who has devoted so much of his time to teaching the game. He taught me how to play the right way and I was lucky to play for him with Crooked Crosse, the Bandits and LB3. His son is a teammate of mine now so we are still in close contact. He saw something in me and invested in me and never gave up on me. He never let me let anything slide, and from that he has helped me to reflect and learn from any mistakes or letdowns. I was so happy to call him after I committed.

The other coaches who I’d like to acknowledge would be the Amblers – Bob, Colin and Ryan, for their time spent with the Bandits and all of the support and encouragement they gave me as a young attackman. At NXT I have loved all of the coaches, from our 2018 staff Ray, Avato Mayberry and Pogo to the rest of the guys that coach the high school teams. It’s cool to be at event and see 8 coaches on your sideline that actually know and care about you. They feel like big brothers and I know how tight-knit the older teams have been and you just know you’re a part of something special that’s being built with hard work.

At Upper Dublin, coaches Gifford, Sowers and White have definitely made me better too. They are tough coaches and they have always pushed me and helped me raise my game. I look forward to being a leader for them and working hard over the next couple years to keep pushing the program forward.”

On his mindset through the recruiting process: “Our NXT 2018 team has some big-time players and a couple of them like Adam Ritter (High Point) and James Reilly (Georgetown) committed really early. It was like, “Okay, I’m on a good team and there are coaches watching.  This is crazy.” There were coaches at almost every game we played for the last three years of club. We were pretty well set-up by NXT with our events and they told us exactly what to expect and we practiced a ton. So I’ve always been confident.

I was never stressed and always believed in myself and tried to keep doors open. I was pretty mellow about everything, knowing that I was a strong student and trying to figure out if college lacrosse was even a priority for me. I played more soccer than lacrosse for most of my life and thought about college soccer opportunities, or even playing both.  Along the way I heard from a bunch of different schools and it was cool to learn more about them and at the same time figure out what I wanted myself. Academics have always come first and always will. “

On playing with NXT 2018: “It has been an awesome ride with those guys and it will be fun to get after it this summer with the team. NXT has provided me with a family-first atmosphere where I have been able to grow along with the rest of our team and it’s a really great group of guys. I’ve made friends for life and it will be awesome to play against some of them at the next level.

There is no other program with better coaches or a better support system. The relationships that the NXT coaches have with players are special and I’ve seen it with Kevin Todd since he played with them in middle school and now for myself. Not just one or two coaches but the whole staff knows, roots for and picks up the phone for every single player. I’m definitely grateful for that.

Scouting Report: “I love playing from behind the net or on the wings. On many of my teams thus far, I’d played the role of a quarterback attackman and I’m excited for that challenge and responsibility at Upper Dublin this year. Coaches have told me that they trust my decision-making and my stick. I’m confident dodging and finishing with either hand but also want to use my vision to distribute and get others involved.”

NXT 2018 Head Coach Mike Podgajny: "Over the last three years while playing with NXT, Jerry has developed into a quality offensive threat.  He is eager to get to the goal and finishes his opportunities.  One of my favorite aspects of his game is his effort off-ball and while riding; his impact in both of those areas proves he anticipates the game and values teamwork. Off the field Jerry is mature and has always been able to take care of business in the classroom. Coach Thompson and CNU are lucky to have him." 


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