NXTsports Safety Initiative

Joel Zuercher
NXT Sports
Jun 12, 2014

NXTsports Safety Initiative

If your kids participate in any NXT programs, it’s important to us that you are aware of the steps we take to make ensure safety.  For years we have prioritized participant safety in all aspects of our educational programming and events, and now we have crystallized all those safety efforts into one multi-faceted endeavor that we call the NXT Safety Initiative.

We realize the trust parents place in NXT, and thus we feel a duty to do all we can.  The NXT Safety Initiative includes thorough background checks of all our staff, the exclusive hiring of professional coaches, many of whom are full-time educators, detailed camp check-in and check-out processes, complete weather safety monitoring and planning, state-certified trainers at all programming, Emergency Action Plans for all venues, hydration and heatstroke monitoring, and many other aspects.  All of which can be explored in detail on the new Safety Initiative feature (link) on our website.

In short, we’ll do whatever we can to ensure all our participating athletes have a fun and safe experience, and we’ll keep monitoring safety trends in youth sports to do even better.  So as the busy summer season begins we hope you send your kids out ready to play with the knowledge that we’ll do all we can to develop their skills and abilities in a safe, fun environment..


Joel Zuercher

COO & General Counsel



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