1. Boys Lacrosse Field Rules
Field Rules

NXT works directly with local Lacrosse Officials Associations to ensure that all staffed officials are certified and have the opportunity to review our 3Step Universal Rules


**All Players must complete the online player waiver prior to participation. Mouthguards (of any  color/design) must be worn at all times along with appropriate equipment.** 


NFHS/USA Lacrosse/Modified NCAA rules with the following modifications and/or points of emphasis. 


In the event of any inclement weather, extreme temperature, visibility issue, and/or dangerous field conditions our Directors may recommend modifications to game time for safety reasons. 


Game lengths may vary per tournament. This will be communicated by Tournament Director in pre-tournament communication. We will play either four quarters or halves. Some events have a central horn and other events have independent clocks. We will communicate for each event.  


Penalties are running time starting on the whistle (30 or 60 Sec). Penalty time stops during injuries, time-outs, between quarters and halves, and while another penalty is being assessed. 


10U/4th grade and below, see US Lacrosse Guidelines on stick length; we recommend you follow them. 

One-handed stick checks are allowed and will be enforced as a slashing penalty if out of control.


5th-11th Grade: Clearing Counts of 20 seconds to cross the midline and 10 seconds to advance the ball into the box. 

10U/4th grade and Below: No Counts. The exception is a 4-sec goalie count when clearing Midwest Events: A 30-second count is in effect. 

If shot clocks are in effect. There are no official counts. Over-and-back rules are in effect.


All ages follow NFHS/US Lacrosse and NCAA rulebooks. 

No Motogrip, no knee down. Faceoff sticks require tape of a different color than your shaft


One timeout will be permitted in pool play, playoff, and championship games. The clock will not stop for the timeout and it may not be called in the final 4 minutes of a game by the leading team. 

*Timeouts vary per event and are at the discretion of the Tournament Director and will be communicated in pre-event communication.


Pool Play Overtime - There is no overtime in pool play. Each team will receive 1 point. 

Playoff Overtime -In the event of a tie in the playoffs, overtime will consist of a 4-minute sudden victory overtime period followed by a 1v1 Brave Heart. If a goalie crosses the midfield line his teammate must stay onside. If a foul is committed, the offending player will be placed 5 yards behind the player with the ball. *No timeouts in pool play overtime. 

Championship Overtime - Championship game will consist of unlimited 8-minute periods until a goal is scored. Each team will be awarded one time out per overtime and the clock will stop.


Applied when there is a (7) goal deficit in pool play. Teams down by (7) or more goals will get a  free clear after each goal. Coaches can agree to waive this rule. 


In the event of a forfeit, the winning team will be awarded 7 goals in reference to the 7-goal max differential. Teams who have forfeited are not eligible for the playoffs. 


Will be kept by the field coordinator. Post-game the field coordinator will certify the official score with both coaches and officials. Once scores are certified & reported they may not be challenged. If a dispute arises please call a tournament director to the field. If a coach has concerns about the final score of a game, the coach should immediately bring the concern to the attention of the field coordinator and game referees prior to that score being reported to the tournament directors. Once reported, scores may not be challenged. Tournament Directors will only communicate with club directors and head coaches. 




Teams will be seeded according to their overall record based on points; teams receive 3 points for a win, and 1 point for a tie. If two teams are tied on points after the pool play the following tie-breakers will be used. 

1) Head to Head 

2) Goal differential (max 7 per game +/-) 

3) Goals against 

4) Coin flip. 

In the event of a 3+ team tie, the tiebreaker process starts at step 2. Once a team is selected as winning the 3+ team tiebreaker. The process starts at step 1 once 2 teams are remaining. 


Fall season full-field playoff games will be 20 min in length with no halftime unless it is a  quarterfinal that is a part of the team’s game guarantee, in which case it will be regulation length. Summer season playoff games will be regulation length unless otherwise noted. 


No player can compete on more than one team within the same age group or grad year for a  different club. Limited age exceptions can be made in advance at the discretion of tournament directors. No roster limit. No high school graduates are eligible to participate in the event. 


Delays of the game due to injury may result in shortened game times. All games must end prior to the next scheduled game on that field. Field coordinators should summon the trainer to the field in case of injury or emergency.


If a player leaves the sideline to get involved in an on-the-field altercation, or a player on the field runs from the opposite end crossing the midfield, that player is automatically ejected from the game and the following game. The player may also be removed from the league/tournament. The offending team may have to forfeit the game at the discretion of the tournament director. In the event that both teams have players exhibiting this behavior, the game may be called and both teams will have the game recorded as a loss. The offending team or teams also may render themselves ineligible for the playoffs. The coaches and officials are expected to protect and promote the safety and well-being of all players. Any player, fan, or coach ejected from a game will be prohibited from competing in/coaching/watching his/her team’s next game. If this happens a second time, said participant will be disqualified from the event. Ejections are determined by the referees; expulsions by the tournament directors.  


Alcohol, drugs, discrimination based on race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation by players,  coaches, or fans. If a player, coach, or fan is proven to be in violation of this, the result will be an immediate ejection from the tournament venue, at the discretion of the Tournament Director. 


Weather is monitored through Schneider Electric’s WeatherSentry Online and the current venue’s weather system. Directors have the authority to postpone or cancel games. The schedule may be modified if necessary due to inclement weather or poor field conditions. 

LIGHTNING SAFETY: Three (3) blasts of an air horn indicate LIGHTNING and all fields must be cleared IMMEDIATELY. Players and fans must go to the tournament's designated safe shelter. Safe shelter is considered any fully enclosed building that involves plumbing and/or electrical wires that act to electrically ground the structure-places where people live or work. If such a shelter cannot be found, take shelter in any vehicle with a hard metal roof and closed windows. No outdoor activities are to be resumed until 30 minutes after the last sign of lightning/thunder or the all-clear email has been received. For every strike observed, the 30-minute timer is reset. Five (5) blasts means the field is now open and play can resume. 

HOT WEATHER SAFETY: Tournament Director will monitor the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature.  When indicated by the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature, tournament game times will be modified to comply with current recommendations. 

COLD WEATHER SAFETY: In circumstances involving precipitation, decisions about participation restrictions will be made by the Director on an individual basis based on current best practices. 


Tournament Directors will only communicate with Club Directors OR coaching staff serving as deputy directors on site.