1. Box Lacrosse Rules
Indoor Rules

NXT works directly with local Lacrosse Officials Associations to ensure that all staffed officials are certified and have the opportunity to review our modified USBOXLA Rules


**All Players must complete the online player waiver prior to participation. Mouthguards must be worn at all times along with appropriate equipment. **

Youth / High School Indoor Events- ​will play using ​USBOXLA/US Lacrosse Indoor Rules ​with the following modifications and / or points of emphasis.  The East Coast Box Championships is a USBOXLA event.  

Game Length- ​Game lengths may vary per tournament. This will be communicated by Tournament Director in pre-tournament communication.

East Coast Box: Three 12 minute periods with two 2 minute breaks. Last minute of the 3rd period is stop time.

Illegal Body Checking and Boarding- ​Illegal body checking or body checking an opponent into the boards who is in a vulnerable position are the most dangerous checks in the game. Body checks that are reckless or attempted to deliberately injure an opponent will result in a major penalty or match penalty based on severity (Match Penalty, see below). 

Body Checking- ​6th grade and below, no body checking is allowed. Defensive players may place their stick on the ball carrier and push them away (Place and Push). Always protect the athlete​.                                         

No Fighting- ​Players who engage in fights must be removed from the game and will be suspended for the next game. The Tournament Director has the discretion to remove a player from the tournament. ​Always protect the athlete.

Play the Ball- ​When players are pursuing a loose ball, stick checking an opponent’s stick and some body contact is allowed. If the body contact is more than equal pressure and a direct attempt to drive the opponent off the ball while making no attempt to play the ball, possession shall be awarded to the non-offending team for interference. ​Always protect the athlete.

Penalties- ​Man up / Man down. Players must remain in the penalty box while serving a penalty. Minor penalties are 1 minute; Major penalties are 3 minutes – locked in. Match penalties are 3 minutes – locked in and ejection from the game. All penalties are running time except for below:

  • Penalty time will stop during a time-out, injury time-out or while another penalty is being called. The game clock will stop when a penalty is called with under 2 minutes in the game.
  • Multiple penalties – teams cannot have less than 3 running players on the court. If a third player is penalized their penalty time will not begin until one of the former penalties is over.
  • Penalty shots are used to restore a scoring opportunity which was lost as a result of a foul being committed by the opposing team. The offended player must have had a clear path to the goal.
  • Match Penalty:  Game disqualification with an in-home serving 3 Minutes at CHILC/PILC, or 4 Minutes at East Coast Box
  • Goalie interference-  When the goalie has possession of the ball in the crease and is checked, the 1st time is a team warning, 2nd time it happens to a team it is a minor penalty.  

Time-outs​- One (30) second time-out per game. The game clock will not stop during a time-out until the game reaches the 1:00 mark in the third period. Shot clock does not reset during a time-out. Any team “stalling” during a time-out may be penalized or lose possession of the ball.

Face-offs- ​Face-offs will take place at the beginning of each period and after every goal scored. *No clamping on face-offs and no knees down.  Must rake the ball free.  

Crease- ​All players can run through the crease if they do not have the ball. If an offensive player is in the crease while a goal is scored, the goal will be disallowed. Shooting players can dive or land feet first in the crease as long as the ball has crossed the goal line first. **If ball is in the crease players can reach in unless goalie has a clamp on the ball**                                        

Counts-  Goalie has a 5-second count and there is a 10-second count to get the ball over midfield.  


Back Court Rule- ​Backcourt will be enforced 

Picks- ​Picks and moving picks are allowed. Picking players may not ‘drive’ another player.  A cross-checking two-minute penalty can be enforced for excessive force.  

Shot Clock- ​A 30-second shot clock will be used. The shot clock will reset for any shot off the goalie, goal post or crossbar. The shot clock will not start again until a team gains possession. *If the ball hits a goalie in the head, automatic turnover. Always protect the Athlete.  **If for some reason shot clock malfunctions officials will give an audible countdown versus stopping play as with the best judgment to the timing as humanly possible.  

Substitutions- ​All substitutions are on the fly. The exiting player must have one foot in the substitution area before the entering player may step into the rink.

Stick Checks– ​Coaches may not ask for a stick check during a game. Please see the tournament director for questions before or after games.  *Sidewall sticks are not allowed-Goalie stick rule (The Wall)                                                            

Overtime- Tie will go to a shootout with the exception of a championship game will be one 4-minute overtime. Each team will have three tries to score 1v1 against a goalie in the net and the team with the most goals will win the game. If still tied after 3 shots a piece, the tiebreaker will go to sudden death. No repeat shooters. 

Playoff Seeds- ​Teams will be seeded based on points; teams receive 3 points for win, 1 point for a tie. If two or more teams are tied on points after pool play, the following tiebreakers will be used: 1) Head-to-Head, 2.) Goals against, 3.) Goal differential (max 7 per game +/-), 4) coin flip. In the event of a 3-team tie, the tiebreaker process starts at step 2. Once a team is selected as winning the 3-team tiebreaker, the tie-breaking process restarts at step 1 with the remaining 2 teams.

Roster regulations- ​No player can compete on more than one team within the same division. Limited exceptions can be made in advance at the discretion of tournament directors. If a team is caught in violation of this, the player will be removed from the tournament for the remainder of the day. 

No tolerance policy- ​Alcohol, drugs, discrimination based on race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation by players, coaches, or fans. If a player, coach, or fan is proven to be in violation of this, the result will be an immediate ejection from the tournament venue.

Referees- Can stop the game for any reason that he/she feels fit.  Abuse toward referees will not be tolerated from fans, coaches, or players.  

Issues or concerns- ​Tournament Directors will only communicate with team head coaches and assistants on all matters. Tournament Directors have final say on all rule interpretations. 

 **All mesh at XL sports is out of bounds