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Camps & Training

We develop lacrosse players.

We Develop, Challenge, and Empower Student-Athletes

We hope the players get as much out of our camps and training as we do. 

We love this stuff. 

From a kid picking up a stick for the first time, to a committed D1 high school all-star, there is something to be learned at every level. 

We develop the modern lacrosse player via cutting-edge strategies and innovative concepts. That involves constant tweaking, crafting, and reinventing our training plans.

We embrace hard work with an understanding that every aspect of training needs to prepare players for success on and off the field.

But most of all, we want our players to have fun. Because if it’s not fun, why bother playing? 


Cradle Lacrosse is NXT's intro program for kids to learn lacrosse in a fun, unique way. Cradle programs run in the spring, summer and fall. Ages 4 - 8.


Play Fast Training is NXT's fundamental-level program for players who want to improve their game. Our Play Fast programs run in every season year-round. Ages 7 -14.


NXT Elite programs are designed for high-performing players driven to take their game further. We run elite programs in the winter and summer seasons. Ages 11 - 18

Professional Training Development

Each winter and spring NXT looks to support community-based lacrosse programs and offers a three-step process that supports and sets the program up for success. Everything from planning to providing support for tryouts is covered, as well as a la carte options to cater specifically to your needs. 

VP of Boys Lacrosse
Marty Kupprion
President & Executive VP of Boys Lacrosse
Peter Lawrence