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Play Fast Lacrosse is our fundamental-level skills training for players ages 7-14!


Play Fast Training is NXT's fundamental-level program for boys who want to fine-tune their skills and elevate their game. Our professional, high-level coaches work directly with players through our the carefully-designed Play Fast curriculum to challenge all skill levels. 

Play Fast is designed to maximize quality reps, which is why there's an 8-to-1 player-to-coach ratio. Players go through four 90-minute weekly sessions of fast-paced, high-energy drills, short lines and lots of small-sided games!

Play Fast Lacrosse Training in the fall, winter & spring seasons are 90 minute sessions that take place over 4 to 6 weeks.

Play Fast Lacrosse Camps run each summer from 9 AM - 3 PM, Monday through Thursday in the greater Philadelphia area.

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Play Fast is perfect for beginner to intermediate level boys lacrosse players ages 7-14 who want to continue to develop their lacrosse skills. We break into groups by age & skill level to make sure all players are challenged.

  • Players from any team who want to keep their skills sharp in conjunction with their middle school and township seasons.
  • Play Fast is also the perfect continuation for Cradle Lacrosse alumni looking to expand their skill set. 
  • Play Fast is great for any middle school player who needs extra attention with specific skills!  
  • Play Fast challenges players who aren't seeing improvement with their township or school programs.
  • Play Fast is also ideal for experienced players looking to improve specific skills.  


Basic stick work is tough and reinforced each week, with more advanced concepts added each session.

50/50 Situations

Winning the loose balls can win you games, so we practice winning “first chance ground balls” every session.

Shooting & Dodging

We teach and master the fundamentals of dodging to score while giving players hundreds of shooting reps.

Odd Man Scenarios

Think Fast, Play Fast! Get used to being on both sides of 2v1, 3v2, 4v3 scenarios to build Lax IQ.

Footwork & Communication

Match Up! We love to let players compete through 1v1s, 2v2s, 3v3s and 4v4s. Every session features fun small-sided games like Fireball, Speed Lacrosse or Trashcan Lacrosse to finish strong.


We make sure that every Play Fast training or camp has offensive and defensive coaches, so that we can teach basic and advanced positional concepts.


• Stick
• Full pads: Helmet, Mouth Guard, Shoulder Pads, Elbow Pads
• Mouth guard
• Molded Cleats or Basketball Sneakers
• Water bottle

*Players will receive a Play Fast lacrosse reversible to wear to each session and to keep.


Our coaches know the game and bring the energy!

They have experience playing in college, playing professionally, coaching high school, coaching at the collegiate level as well as having backgrounds as teachers and educators. All of our Play Fast Lacrosse coaches are PA 153 certified compliant and background checked.  


My son already plays on a team, will he be challenged?
• Yes.  We break into groups based on age and skill level.  Our coaches also are constantly evaluating groups and are happy to make adjustments throughout the course of a Play Fast program. 

My son has never played before, can l still sign him up for Play Fast?
•Yes. Players will get lots of reps working on individual skills and are in groups with players of similar skills and ability levels.  


My son wants to be in the same group with his friend, can you make sure they’re paired together?
•Of course, just let us know!

If we miss a session, is there a way to make it up?
•We handle these situations on an individual basis. In many seasons, we run multiple Play Fast sessions.  If you are unable to make one week, it is likely you can hop in to another session. 

VP of Boys Lacrosse
Marty Kupprion