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NXT Box Lacrosse Club / 5-6th Grade

We use a training model at NXT where we will practice 5x as much as we will compete in tournaments. We believe it is critical for both safety and success to properly train the players in the techniques and strategy of Box lacrosse. There are plenty of similarities to the field game but there are also lots of nuances that need to be taught to truly excel in the box game. This team has 17 players + 2 goalies + 3 training team players. Clubs represented in 2019-20: Dukes, Freedom, Fusion, IM3, Mesa, NXT, Rising Sons, Team 11



It’s fast, it is physical, it’s fun!

We provide expert coaches, elite curriculum, goalie equipment and a best in class box experience. Not all box programs are created equal.  Our program is built around training while some are built around leagues or just game experience. In order to have success, we desire ample training time is required to teach players the proper techniques and strategy.  Our mantra is we train more!

Box is fast-paced with a 30-second shot clock, smaller goals and players get far more touches than in field lacrosse.  These differences in the game lead to better decision making, learning to play in tight spaces, creativity, and becoming the total lacrosse player.  In field lacrosse, you have far more specialization whereas in Box you need to learn to play offense and defense. Defensemen are forced to play with short sticks and attackmen are forced to learn to play defense.  These scenarios are great for total player development.

Our box teams will compete in regional events but our model again is to train more.  We believe in having small rosters to have a proper coach to player ratios. It is encouraged to have kidney pads that are not traditionally used in field lacrosse.  Player safety is something we take pride in at NXT. We provide athletic trainers at every practice as the game is faster and more physical than field lacrosse.

We look forward to providing a best in class Box program this winter.  

*Girls are welcome to try out 


  • 11 practices with Tony Resch, Bill Leahy, Peter Lawrence, Scott Johnson, Adam Yee, Brett Manney + NXT Coaches
  • 3 tournaments:  Philly Box Invitational, Fusion Winter Classic, & Philadelphia Indoor Lacrosse Championships
  • 2 play days
  • NXT Box jersey
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VP of Boys Lacrosse
Marty Kupprion