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The Coaches

Our coaching staff is made up of former college players, current high school and college coaches, positional specialists, teachers, educators and guidance counselors. They all share a love of the game and a passion for teaching.

Coaching Philosophy

Every aspect of NXT Boys lacrosse training is designed to prepare players for success, both on the field and off. No matter what the age or skill level. We do this through a combination of cutting-edge strategies, innovative concepts, hard work, and hustle.

Our dedicated, experienced lacrosse coaches make player development and well-being their top priorities. We are also about making sure the game is fun, because if you’re not having fun, then why play?

We truly love the game want others to love it as much as we do.

All coaches are PA-Act 153 Clearances prior to coaching with NXT and attend training sessions each season, lead by Bill Leahy.


Guest Coaches / College Coaches

• Nick Taylor
• Evan Zielinski
• Corey Schafer

Guest Coaches/ College Players

• Henry Bard
• Barrett Denlinger
• Charles Maier
• Connor Helm
• Xander Johnson
• Grayson Dague
• John Scibello

Guest Coaches/ HS Players

• Terry Farrell

Guest Coaches

• Shane Taggert
• Scott Johnson
• Eric Poole
• George Castle
• Mike Avato
• Mike Podgajny

Coach at NXT

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