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Generation NXT Training

About Generation NXT Training

Gen NXT is designed for girls ages 6-10 who are ready to take their skills beyond our intro level Cradle trainings. 

Gen NXT focuses on teaching the basics of lacrosse by incorporating live play in both an individual and team setting. This program is perfect for the player ready for a higher level of training but not quite ready to join a club team.

The most frustrating part of learning girls lacrosse is transitioning from an intro program where you see success into immediately using a girls stick with no pocket, where you experience little to no success for nearly a year.

At Gen NXT, players are encouraged to use traditional "boys" sticks with larger pockets. This equipment modification allows the game to be played at a fast pace and enables the invaluable team concepts to be developed and for the skills to catch up later.

A limited number of boys sticks will be available but players are welcome to bring their own if they choose! 

Radnor Memorial Park
61 Matsonford Rd
Radnor, PA 19087

Why Gen NXT?

Gen NXT Lacrosse trainings are run by enthusiastic, professional educators with a passion for youth sports! All of our staff have been trained on our curriculum and are background checked.





  • Learn how to communicate, how to get open & how to be direct with the ball
  • Practice communication & fundamental skills for marking up defensively!


  • Learn proper offensive terminology and skill sets to work with a teammate to get open 
  • Practice defensive communication with teammates to defend the ball and off the ball.


  • Practice shooting, passing and catching, and defense in a 3v3 setting
  • Learn how to move without the ball, and how to try to create space for teammates to dodge offensively
  • Learn how to break out for a clear, how to get open to support the ball in transition

WEEK 4 | 5 V 5

  • Put it all together and work on off-ball and on-ball movement offensively and defensively 
  • Communication is key, let's see how far we have come!
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Director of Girls Education & Middle School to Youth Club / Coach
Laurie DeLuca