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NXT Intro to Box


It's Fast, It's Physical, It's Fun!

Our objective is to provide the opportunity for girls lacrosse player to gain entry into the exciting world of Box Lacrosse.  If you haven't heard of box lacrosse; its most popularized by the Canadian player on the girls side and it is an adapted style of lacrosse specifically designed for indoor play.  

The NXT Girls Intro to Box program serves as a jumping-off point for the player who is excited about box, but hasn't had access to a training program!

 NXT Intro to Box program is designed to educate and serve those curious players who want to improve their skills by playing indoors, and gain the opportunity to learn from some of the best box lacrosse coaches in the world!  

Players will learn to execute the 2 man game, they will demonstrate more efficient stick skills, learn to excel in tight spaces & become more creative without the ball.  Training as a winter box player will challenge all aspects of your fundamentals and allow you to become a more complete player. 

Steelyard Sports Indoor Sports Complex
538 Swedeland Rd
King of Prussia, PA 19406


The curriculum is designed to be fast-paced and has an increased number of reps compared to traditional outdoor field training.  Each session starts with the fundamentals, by first learning the basic differences of the game, box terms, and language, running the floor, and proper spacing for successful offensive sets.  Week two will build upon week one, by learning inside shooting techniques and developing the skills needed to finish on small goals and big goalies, learning how to get to the middle and the nuances of the 2 man game both offensively and defensively. 


  • Rules, language & strategies!
  • Stick skills & offensive and defensive fundamentals!
  • Quick decision making, creativity, and 2-man games!
  • Defensively matching up against the pick and rolls!
  • Toughness! Equipment is not necessary for our intro course, but as we evolve remember, Box is physical!
  • First-class facility - centrally located


  • Where is it played?
    Box lacrosse is played indoors in the confines of a hockey rink. Glass boards, rounded edges, on field turf but a much smaller space.
  • What do the goals look like? 
    Like a mini lacrosse goal but shrunk in height & width.
  • How many players are on the field?
    6v6, including the goalie.
  • How long is a game? 
    Four 15-minute quarters.
  • Is it high scoring?
    Definitely!  Most pro teams will score a combined 25 goals throughout the game.
  • Do girls play the same rules as the boys? Do they need pads, equipment & boys stick?
    Box rules are the same for any gender. In this intro course, there is no checking, no additional pads needed, no helmets & you can use a girl’s stick. If you decide to play box, you will need all the necessary equipment that boys use.


Our staff is world-class!  If you want to learn Box Lacrosse there are no better leaders in the industry than our coaches. 

Coach Ginny Capicchioni
Join the first woman in North America to sign with a men's professional team and play professionally with the men's NJ Storm. Capicchioni was also the first American-born keeper to play in a Canadian Lacrosse Championship. She was also a USA World Team member, 2011 World Indoor Lacrosse Championships overall 93% save percentage for the tourney. Sacred Heart University, three-time Northeast Conference Goalie of the Year  Twice ranked in the NCAA's Top 10 ins Save Percentage. She holds the program records for saves, goals-against average, and career wins. Former Assistant Coach, University of Pennsylvania, Louisville among others.

Coach Tony Resch will also take the lead on this intro program, along with Coach Peter Lawrence and Coach Bill Leahy from our experienced boys programs. Many of our girls coaches will also be on staff to learn alongside you, as we work to develop and help train them in this new and exciting sport!

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Director of Girls Lacrosse Education & Club / Coach
Candace Bossell