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Play Fast Lacrosse 

About Play Fast Training

This four-week Play Fast Training is NXT's fundamental-level program for girls who want to fine-tune their skills and elevate their game. Our professional, high-level coaches work directly with players through our carefully-designed Play Fast curriculum to challenge all skill levels. 

Play Fast is designed to maximize quality reps, which is why there's an 8-to-1 player-to-coach ratio. Players go through four 90-minute weekly sessions of fast-paced, high-energy drills, short lines and lots of small-sided games!


• Stick, goggles, mouthguard
• Water Bottle

Main Line Sports Center
1340 W Swedesford Rd
Berwyn, PA 19312

Let's Play Fast!

Play Fast Training is all about having fun and playing lacrosse. Spend four sessions with your friends and teammates, develop your fundamental skills and then battle it out with some games!


Let's play Trashcan!

Our original Trashcan Lacrosse game is a player favorite! This possession game teaches ball movement, stick skills, and working off ball.


Let's have fun!

We provide the perfect balance of lacrosse instruction with fun training camaraderie. Whether it's a trashcan game or the banana split dance, we have competitions and relays that keep players engaged and having fun!




• Catching, throwing, ground balls, dodges, fakes, shooting
• High reps, no lines, play fast, no waiting
• Rep it right.  We watch and correct your form every rep


• Master the art of defending the 1v1 
• Understanding goal-side
• Approaches and angles
• Man-down situations


• The 2-man game
• Move it twice!
• Be dangerous without the ball
• Strength in numbers on defense

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Vice President of Girls Lacrosse Education & Club / Coach
Candace Bossell