NXT Pickup | MS & Youth

1/19, 1/26, 2/2, 2/9


Ages: (Varsity MS) 2028-2029 | (JV MS) 2030-2031
Cost: $130

Let's Just Play

Pickup is widely popular in other sports such as basketball and soccer and has helped develop the skillsets of some of the greatest athletes in the world. But finding, let alone organizing a pickup lacrosse game is nearly impossible. That is why NXT is bringing you organized indoor pickup this January! An opportunity for you to experiment and test your skills in a creative, free-flowing environment.

Pickup is perfect for a player looking to get an opportunity to develop their individual skills in a real game-like setting. You can register as an individual or as a team!

House Rules

This is organized pickup. We’ll keep it fast-paced and free-flowing to maximize reps and creativity. 

  • 9v9 plus a goalie
  • 50-minute game slots
  • No stoppages. Just free-flowing play!
  • Officials will also be trained coaches that can provide feedback while playing
  • Register individually or as a team!
  • 12-players per team
  • 2030 – 2031 – 5:30-6:30PM
  • 2028 – 2029 – 6:30-7:30PM


Laurie DeLuca

Director, Girls Lacrosse

Bio & Contact