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2023 Fall Philly Showcase Manney's Men

The stars were out for our 15th annual Fall Philly Showcase. Top-tier talent displayed in front of top-tier coaches. Athletes from graduating classes 2025, 2026, and 2027 put on a show at every level during our Philly Showcase - All on display in front of an elite group of college coaches. A few players stood out among the crowd and caught the eye of our very own, Brett Manney. Here are Brett's standout players from this year's showcase!


15 years later and still going strong...The Nation's top recruiting events saw another year of tremendous talent.

Athletes from graduating classes 2025, 2026, and 2027 put on a show at every level during our Philly Showcase - Players had the opportunity to play ender elite college coaches and be seen by so many more. A few players stood out among the crowd and caught the eye of our very own, Brett Manney. Here are Brett's standout players from this year's showcase!

Brett Manney is a 15-year professional lacrosse player, captain of the Albany Firewolves, and two-time captain for the USA National Indoor team, serving as the VP of Recruiting at NXT. He won two bronze medals with the USA National Indoor Team. He played on Delaware's 2007 Final Four team, captained the 2008 team, made the North-South All-Star Game, and is the driving force behind Showcase Lacrosse's nationally-known events. Manney sees players from all over the country at NXT events.   



Owen Iles, Brunswick School (CT), Team 91

What I love most about Iles game is how ye can go both hands making him dangerous anywhere on the field. He can get up the hashes with his right hand but also do it with his left and is extremely comfortable doing so. It is evident he has spent a lot of time doing wallball because he is extremely comfortable handling and shooting the ball anywhere on the field. More of a shooter than a feeder, he can do both but his overall skillset is what separated him from his peers at the showcase.

Honorable Mention:
Reg Campbell, 2025, Trumbull (CT), CT Wolves
Hudson Mathews, Fairfield Prep (CT), CT Wolves
Matt Ciarelli, 2025, Sparta (NJ), BBL
Duncan Zielke, 2025, Highland Park (TX), Texas Nationals


Jake Holmes, 2025, Marin Catholic (CA), Fog City

If you told me Jake was from Western Canada and not the West Coast I would have believed it. Jake plays like a Canadian as he primarily keeps the stick in his left hand but is very dangerous at getting to his left hand and being successful doing so. Holmes loves to operate at the corner at the box to either sweep to his left hand or eventually get down the alley for a shot. His deception and hitches are elite and allows him to get to where he wants on the field. With some more growth on defense and in transition, Holmes should find a nice home.

Honorable Mention:
Michael Tauscher, FO, 2025, St. Viator (IL), Second City
Liam Teto, 2025, Lawrence Academy (NH), Fighting Clams
Will Yates, 2025, Ridgewood (NJ), BBL
Griffin Graham, 2025, Gilman (MD), Team 91 MD
Bradley Hill, 2025, Pennsbury (PA), Mesa


Brooks Swindle, 2025, St. Ignatius Prep (CA), Fog City

Brooks stands at 6’4 and has a big frame to grow into but his size impacted opposing players all day. Swindle loves to throw hard cross-checks and cover a lot of ground all over the field. Swindle can play on face-off wings, take LSM runs, and close defense showcasing his versatility. At this point, he still is a little raw but allows for a lot of potential in his game, especially in transition. Brooks came a long way but made a big impact with his tenacity and effort all day.

Honorable Mention:
Max Luker, 2025, Hudson (OH), Burning River
Dylan Marzec, 2025, Pearl River (NY), NJ Riot
Ethan Angst, 2025, St. Viator (IL), Second City


Eli Pounds, 2025, Ridgewood (NJ), Maroons LC

The MVP of the day is not your typical goalie as Pounds is not only comfortable in the net but also out of it. The recent Delaware commit is nimble in net, has great balance making saves and really feels comfortable in the clearing game showcasing his athleticism. Whether it was saves in tight with quick hands, or dropping quickly to the turf on outside shots, Pounds was clearly the best goalie there and put on quite a show between the pipes.

Honorable Mention:
Jack Hartman,2025, St. Viator (IL), Team Illinois

2026 // 2027


Jack Pisciotta, 2026, Davie County (NC), Triad Elite

The 6’1 lefty already possesses great size for a young attackman and he uses that to his advantage playing against smaller defensemen. The 2x All-Star now is attacking more with his head up using his vision other than just being a dodger to score. As he develops more hitch shots and the ability to dodge underneath as well as he goes over the top on defenders from the wings the North Carolina native will be very tough to stop.

Honorable Mention:
Adam Schwab, 2026, Archbishop Spalding (MD), Annapolis Hawks
Jack Gallucci, 2026, Pope John XXIII (NJ), Jersey Thunder
Jake Bisbee, 2026, Greensboro Day (NC), Triad Elite
Evan Kostack, 2026, Marple Newtown (PA), Mesa
Brody Nyitrai, 2026, Christchurch (VA), Toronto Rock Stars


Spencer Meile, 2026, Penncrest (PA), Mesa

I have watched Spencer now for many years and the sophomore midfielder from outside of Philadelphia is built like a senior. He is starting the play like one as well. The talented lefty has a great shot on the run, always finds a way to get to his left and uses his size and strength to turn the corner engaging contact that not many players his age are comfortable with. With an extensive box background as well, Spencer makes great cuts off ball and has nice hands inside for a player with his size. He is tough to stop when he gets going and his defenders found that out the hard way at the showcase.

Honorable Mention:
Joe Hauck, 2026, Mooresville (NC), Triad Elite
Leo Kavey, 2026, Tabor Academy (MA), Fighting Clams
Harper Patterson, 2026, RJ Reynolds (NC), Triad Elite
Carson Blair, 2026, Archbishop Spalding (MD), Annapolis Hawks


Jake Goodwin, 2027, Lawrence Academy (MA), Fighting Clams

Despite being a 2027 Jake is a force to be reckoned with. This is the second showcase I have seen the New Englander play in and he is an athletic defenseman who plays with an edge. Not the flashiest defenseman but fundamentally very sound. Goodwin sits low in his approaches, beats attackman to the hashes, and has great holds and cross-checks. When the ball is on the ground he explodes through the ball to start the transition is totally comfortable with the ball in his stick and consistently makes the right plays. With such great instincts, positioning, and talent there was a clear reason why the defenseman was the MVP.

Honorable Mention:
Preston Shuster, 2026, Jesuit (FL), Orange Crush
Nevan McKneely, 2026, Loyola Blakefield (MD), Team 91 MD
Drew Maloney, 2026, Haslett (MI), Juiced Cherries


Ben Watson, 2027, Pennington School (NJ), Team Turnpike

Although he is not the biggest goalie in net, he is also a 2027, Ben really sees the ball well. At this age when a lot of shooters try to shoot high, that is where Ben excels. He is very jumpy in net to make the saves and shows off his explosiveness to get to shots up high. Once he has the ball in his stick he is aggressive in his clears to get the ball to midfielders and when he is spot on it is automatic fastbreak. The young New Jersey native still has plenty of room for growth and should only get better in the years to come. 

Honorable Mention:
Cody Philpott, 2026, Lawrence Academy (MA), Fighting Clams