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Boys Philly Summer Showcase 2018: 2020 Player Preview

Top high school players nationwide have been selected to compete this Friday, July 13th. Featured are 2020 players to keep an eye on throughout this one-day event

The Boys Philly Summer Showcase attracts elite talent and college coaches from across the country to one of the top venues on the east coast, United Sports in Downingtown, PA. Last year's Boys Philly Summer Showcase attracted 320 athletes and 58 college coaches from the Division l, ll, and lll level.

With a 5:1 player to coach ratio, the athletes will be able to maximize their exposure to college coaches. Each team will be lead by an NCAA college coach throughout the entire day. The showcase will feature athletes from 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 graduation years.

After a competitive selection process, top high school players nationwide have been selected to compete this Friday, July 13th, pairing with one of the largest high school recruiting events on Saturday and Sunday, the Boys Philly Summer Invitational. Featured below are four of the top 2020 lacrosse players that Brett Manney has selected as player previews for this year's summer showcase.


Harrison Spilker 2018 Spring Highlights 2020 Goalie

HARRISON SPIKLER | 2020 | Goalie
Looneys 2020 Orange • Boys' Latin (Baltimore, MD)

As a goalie, you are the last line of defense - Harrison is certainly one goalie you want in the cage to make a big save. The Boys' Latin product uses his quick reflexes to make up for his lack in size, which allows him to stifle opponents all day.

PREGAME RITUAL: Eat a Reese's 
SUPERPOWER: Sling webs like Spiderman
ANIMAL: A giraffe because they are my favorite animal
HASHTAG: #dank

Standard Highlight Reel Cj Iglinski Stanard

CJ IGLINSKI-STANDARD | 2020 | Midfield
RC • Torrey Pines (San Diego, CA)

I've been a big fan of this Southern California product for a few years. CJ is a monster in 6v6 offense and at 6'3, he is an quite a load to handle for any long pole or short stick. If he develops a left hand, watch out!

FAVORITE TV SHOW: Rick and Morty
BIGGEST PET PEEVE: When people chew with their mouth open
FAVORITE SAYING/QUOTE: "Strive for greatness." - LeBron James
PREGAME RITUAL: Listening to my own playlist on Spotify
SUPERPOWER: Freeze time
ANIMAL: A shark because sharks never sleep and are always hungry
HASHTAG: #ringszn

Ajax Zappitello 2020 Defender Summer Highlights

AJAX ZAPPITELLO | 2020 | Defense
Legends West • Sunset (Portland, OR)

You have to be careful throwing the ball around this athletic West Coast defenseman or it is sure to be knocked down. Ajax has shown the ability to make an impact in all parts of the field. He has a knack for causing turnovers and he’ll always make you pay in transition.


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