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Girls Philly Summer Showcase 2018 Player Preview

In its ninth year, the Girls Philly Summer Showcase returns on July 20th at United Sports in Downingtown, PA. Vetted, reviewed and scouted to participate, over 130 athletes will hit the field to play.

In its ninth year, the Girls Philly Summer Showcase returns on July 20th at United Sports in Downingtown, PA.  After being vetted, reviewed, and scouted to participate, over 130 of the country’s top players will be in attendance.

Players are expected to be traveling from 14 states, as far west as California and Oregon to as far south as Georgia and Florida, bringing elite talent to set the stage for their final week of the recruiting month. These hand-selected players also represent 36 different club teams, bringing the best talent to the east coast for this one-day event.

College coaches from DI, DII, and DIII will be on-site to coach players throughout the day as well as get early access to see the college-bound players in action. Below are the coaches committed to being at the Showcase:

  • Florida - Head Coach, Amanda O’Leary
  • High Point
  • Rutgers
  • Temple
  • Villanova
  • Davidson
  • Drexel
  • Lehigh
  • Iona
  • Mercer
  • Robert Morris
  • Drew
  • Thiel
  • East Stroudsburg
  • Millersville

The Philly Summer Showcase pairs with one of the largest high school recruiting events on Saturday and Sunday, the Girls Philly Summer Invitational. The Showcase and Invitational will feature athletes from 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 graduation years. Highlighted below are four of the top lacrosse players that Danielle Kirk suggests you keep an eye on this Friday.


Bree Wilson - KHAOS

KHAOS • Acworth, GA

Crossing state lines from Georgia all the way to Philly, Bree is in town to show the northeast what Georgia’s best has to offer. Coming from her KHAOS roots, she will stop anyone in their tracks. Her 1v1 defense is no match for any attacker. With her footwork and loud communication, I have high expectations for Wilson this Friday to be the rock for her teammates on the defensive end.

Nickname: Bree
Favorite show to binge watch: The Walking Dead
Biggest pet peeve: When people don't say "Bless you" after a sneeze
Favorite quote/saying: "Treat others the way you want to be treated."
Pregame ritual: Listening to music with my team, getting hyped
If you could have one superpower what would it be: Read minds
What type of animal would you like to be and why: Tiger. I'm obsessed with them.
If you had your own personal hashtag, what would it be: #lifeainteasybeingbreezy

Anna Kelly US LAX Nationals u19

Seattle Starz• Seattle, WA

3,000 miles? No problem. Anna Kelly is stepping up and representing the West Coast with her speed and “Starz” mentality. Don’t sleep on this player – surrounded by some of the best players in the country – she elevates every player around her and sets all her teammates up for success. Kelly is scrappy, fast, and relentless in the midfield and has a strong left and right hand, making her a huge threat on the attacking end. I have no doubt on Friday that she will be turning college coaches heads.

Nickname: AK
Favorite show to binge watch: Downton Abbey or The Bachelorette
Biggest pet peeve: When people say they don't like something before even trying it
Pregame ritual: I always put my headband on when I step on the field and I never take my shooting shirt off until right before game time, even if it's super hot
If you could have one superpower what would it be: To be able to move objects with my mind
What type of animal would you like to be and why: A dog because they always seem like they're having a great time
If you had your own personal hashtag, what would it be: #Anna47

Aliza Garofalo (2021) Fall 2017 Tournaments

Snipers Elite Lacrosse • Yorktown Heights, NY

Aliza takes the field with an empire state of mind. Like any other New Yorker, she protects her turf, and more specifically, her goalie. She has incredible field sense and oversees all the defensive movements, always ready to help her teammates. She's a smart, quick, and when the ball hits the ground in the 8, before you know it, Aliza already has scooped it up and is looking to push a fast break. Don't undermine her size, she's strong, fast, and fearless.

Nickname: Za.
Pet Peeve: Slow walkers.
Quote: Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.
Pregame Ritual: I double knot my cleats. 

Kennedy Carr

NorEaster • Fairfield, CT

Kennedy has a way of making every attacker feel stuffed like a turkey on Thanksgiving Day. While being the anchor of the defense, she will make sure you know where the ball is at all times. With a quick step, loud presence, and a big clear, good luck shooting a sidearm shot on Carr.

Nickname: Sister
Favorite show to binge watch: Grey’s Anatomy
Biggest pet peeve: When someones gives up when things get tough
Favorite quote/saying: "Try your hardest in everything you do."
Pregame ritual: Good nights sleep, arrive early at the field and lots of warmup shots in the cage
If you could have one superpower what would it be: To fly
What type of animal would you like to be and why: A monkey because who doesn’t love monkeys!
If you had your own personal hashtag, what would it be: #sister


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