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Kirk Krushers Selections for 2018 Girls Philly Showcase

Featured are players that stood out to Danielle Kirk during the Girls Philly Showcase.

Danielle Kirk is the Director of Girls Events at NXTsports and former National Champion at the University of Maryland. At Maryland, Kirk was part of the 2010 National Champion Terrapins. After graduation, Kirk immediately began a career in coaching, starting at Florida powerhouse Vero Beach High School and now most recently at Owen J Roberts High School in PA. Kirk is also a rated High School and College official.

Girls Philly Showcase 2018

Goalie, VA,  VA Metro

This kid is an absolute animal in the cage - to be honest, she can do everything. Between her aggressive nature in the crease to everything beyond. For being the anchor of the defense, she keeps the pace of the game manageable and keeps her team calm even in the most chaotic moments. She is quick to stuff you high then have the ball released into the air and going the other way. The future is bright for Lillian and we cannot wait to see her play in 2019.

Attack, CT, Nor'Easter 2020

I will start out by saying this...THREE-SPORT ATHLETE. Emma is tall and she knows how to use it. Throw her an alley-oop and she is going to win that fight with an absolute crushing goal thereafter. At the top of the fan, she is unstoppable being one of the tallest players out there. Post her in the 8-meter and she will catch and release all day. Emma has a poise to her when she plays with her Connecticut vibes - cool, calm and collected. Something every coach is looking for.


Attack, CT, Nor'Easter

WHAT'S UP MVP!? She is one of the most well-rounded players to compete in our Showcase to date. Don’t be fooled by her size, Lilia can MOVE. She is quick to cut and she will keep up with the best of them between the lines. Did I forget to mention her sick top shelf shots off of passes from behind? Well, let me say it again. SICK. TOP. SHELF. SHOTS. In the off chance that she misses one, she will hunt you down on the redefend and won’t take no for an answer. I look forward to watching her game grow in the next couple of years. The NCAA is watching!


Midfield, NY, T3 

Let’s start with the draw. Tara wins quite a bit. But it is more than just that I was impressed with. Between her left hand and her right hand, it was hard to tell which one was dominant. In today’s game that is an absolute necessity to be able to play at the next level. Now, lets move to her speed. Once the ball is in her stick, SEE YA, it’s effortless. Also not cage shy. She will take the best of them to cage 1v1. This is a player I enjoyed watching and will continue to watch as she continues to get stronger.


Midfield, NYDutchess Monarchs

First word that comes to mind, sneaky. Abbygale is one of those middies who embodies the definition of a slow break like no other player I have ever seen. She will sit and wait on the corners of the 12 meter and before you know your head is turned and she is gone. Precision cuts rewarding her with a catch and a shot almost immediately after. From the top of the12 meter, she has a quick first step to juke any defender. Between her sneaky setups and her finish on the cage, she is the complete package.


Defense, PANXT

Have you ever seen someone so quick? I swear her feet never stop moving. Chisholm is an absolute ground ball machine. The moment you take a breather on a GB, it's gone. Her stance is strong and noticeable all over the field. Her 1v1 defense is getting better with every rep. You can’t teach athleticism and that is exactly what this player has - pure grit. I’m a big fan, Kate Chisholm. She is a player to keep your eye on as she continues to grow.


Midfield, PAPittsburgh Premier

The best part about Jenny is that she is only a 2022. She has so much time to continue to grow. This is exciting because she is already such a well-rounded player. It excites me to see her play in 2019. She is smart between the lines in transition and is a player that plays for her team. Without someone like Jenny, the offense does not generate. She is constantly moving and setting herself and her teammates up for success. I hope to see her this summer at the Girls Philly Summer Showcase. I’m excited to watch this player make strides in her game.


  • HAZEL GARDNER |2021| Midfield | PA | NXT 
  • MEGHAN UMANSKY |2020| Attack | MA | Laxachusetts 
  • MAEVE LEONZI |2021| Midfield | PA | HEADstrong
  • SYDNEY MENTZER |2022| Midfield | PA | York Invaders


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