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NXT Boys Spring League Heads to Championship Games

This week starts the championship games for the 2019 NXT Mid-Atlantic Spring League. 57 teams gathered in March and have rallied over the past few weeks to prepare for this weekend's matchups.

Boys Mid-Atlantic Spring League Heads to Championship Games this Week

NXT’s 5th annual Mid-Atlantic Spring League kicked off this March pitting the top clubs from the New Jersey and Pennsylvania areas against each other in a battle royal. This Sunday is the final day of playoffs with the championship games being played under the lights next Tuesday and Thursday at the Proving Grounds.

2018 champions were  SJ Blackstorm (2022 AA), Brotherly Love (2022 A), SJ Blackstorm (2023 A), NXT Black (2024 AA), Dukes (2024 A), Tribal (2025) and Olde English (2026).

This year’s Spring League has grown even more so than in previous years. “Last year we had 49 teams and this year we’ve had 57. I think the largest reason for the growth is that we truly are passionate about making this the best league experience for the players,” said Director of Boys Events, Ryan Long.

Championship Matchup Details:

  • 2023 AA - Freedom 2023 Red v Dukes Young Guns 2023

  • 2023 A - PA Roughriders 2023 v NXT 2024 Black

  • 2024 AA - Freedom 2024 Red v Tri State 2024

  • 2024 A - Mesa Red 2024 v NXT 2024 Silver

  • 2025 AA - TBD

  • 2025 A - TBD

  • 2026 - TBD

  • 2027 - TBD

Semi-final games will take place this Sunday, May 19th at the Proving Grounds for the 2025 AA/A, 2026 and 2027 divisions with the championships being on Thursday, May 23rd. On Tuesday, May 21st, the 2023 and 2024 AA/A divisions will fight for the chip.

Click here to view the league’s standings and game results.


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