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NXT Enters Unprecedented Multi-Year Partnership with Nike

NXT has entered a five-year partnership with global sports leader Nike under which Nike will support NXT's elite Showcase events and the NXT Lacrosse Club.

NXT-Nike Partnership to Focus on NXT’s Exclusive Showcase Events and the NXT Lacrosse Club

Philadelphia, PA (May 31, 2019) – NXT has entered a five-year partnership with global sports leader Nike under which Nike will support NXT’s elite Showcase events and the NXT Lacrosse Club.

Under the terms of the Partnership, Nike Sports Marketing will fully script the look for athletes participating in NXT Showcase events and for the athletes in the NXT Lacrosse Club. The partnership also involves STX, and via STX Nike will be providing both Nike apparel and Nike hard goods - heads, shafts, gloves, etc. – for Showcase and NXT Lacrosse Club student-athletes.

All NXT Lacrosse club players at the high school level will receive the latest complimentary Nike lacrosse footwear and player packs. Additionally, Nike will provide special embellished uniforms for NXT Lacrosse Club through the same program that creates uniforms for top Nike NCAA lacrosse programs such as Syracuse, Duke, North Carolina, and Ohio State.  

“The NXT Lacrosse Club will be among the first programs in the nation, NCAA, high school, or club, to be fully outfitted in Nike apparel and equipment,” said NXT Executive Vice-President of Girls Lacrosse Kate Henwood.

Similarly, NXT’s flagships, the Philly Showcase recruiting events for boys and girls, will become the Nike Philly Showcases. All participating athletes will receive a Nike gear pack, with All-Stars receiving special allotments. Nike will also provide extensive support to all of NXT’s Showcase events.

Other partnership features include the opportunity for Nike to test new products at NXT’s events and through the NXT Lacrosse Club, and for top Nike lacrosse athletes to appear at NXT events.

“We are honored to expand our partnership with Nike, the global sports leader,” said Joel Zuercher, CEO of NXT.  “We believe this validates our ten years of work to make Showcase Lacrosse the nation’s top recruiting brand and reflects the talent level and effort of all the boys and girls who choose to train year-round in our lacrosse club, we couldn’t be more excited.”

Mike Fisher, Category Director for Nike Lacrosse said, “our NXT relationship is incredibly important. In the same manner that Nike supports and scripts the University of Oregon football program, Nike Lacrosse aims to support the NXT Lacrosse Club. Additionally, our ability through this partnership to access aspiring athletes from across North America at NXT’s events is of tremendous value to Nike Lacrosse.”

The five-year partnership goes into effect on June 1, 2019.  More information about the specific Nike products and product packages to be provided to Showcase and NXT Lacrosse Club players will be released in the coming weeks.


NXT’s mission is to make the experience matter in everything we do. The mission starts on whiteboards and spreadsheets. It starts with a game plan executed by MVPs at every level. What happens on the field can impact a child way beyond childhood. When you step off the field, all you truly take with you is the experience. We want that experience to matter. NXT is headquartered out of the Navy Yard in Philadelphia, PA and has run 80 lacrosse camps and clinics, 25 boys and girls club lacrosse teams, and 41 lacrosse tournaments and recruiting Showcases across the country.