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NXT Watch: Ryan Terefenko Named Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week

Each Thursday through the college season, we will share a weekly round-up highlighting our NXT Alums having success at the college level. In addition to following us here on our NXT Watch Blog, check out our @nxtlcboys feeds on Instagram & Twitter for daily updates.

D1 Action

-Tommy Sopko, NXT 2017: 1 Assist in a loss to Richmond

-Drew Silvera, NXT 2016: Had 1 GB for the Blue Hen’s in their win over NJIT

-Will Manganiello, NXT 2014: Had 3 goals and 1 assist to lead the Dragons in a season opening loss to Virginia
Watch video of "Mango" scoring and celebrating, featured on the @DrexelMLax Twitter account
-Matt Klinges, NXT 2015: Chipped in 4 GBs

-Dylan Protesto, NXT 2014: Went 21 of 29 facing off with 11 GBs in a season opening loss to St. John’s. Dylan entered the 2018 season as the all-time leader in face off percentage in the history of the Hartford program.

-Parke Schweiter, NXT 2015: Drew the start on defense in a 12-11 loss to Siena

Holy Cross
-Rich Palazzese, NXT 2014: Palazzese and the Crusaders beat Harvard in a thriliing double overtime victory. This was the first win over Harvard in the history of the Holy Cross program.

Ohio State
-Christian Felizianii, NXT 2016: Went 8 of 16 facing off in a 9-7 win over Hofstra

-Ryan Terefenko, NXT 2016: Had 1 goal, 2 GBs, and 1 CT in the win over the Pride. Terefenko was awarded the Big Ten Defensive Player of the week for his effort.

Ohio State's announcement of Terefenko's Defensive Player of the Week honor

Watch video of Terefenko's coast-to-coast goal

-Jason Reynolds, NXT 2017: 6 GBs in a 9-8 win vs Bucknell, 1 GB in a win vs Mt. St. Mary’s

-Justin Schwenk, NXT 2016: Went 12 of 18 facing off while picking up 6 gbs and adding a goal in a 13-8 win over Drexel. Schwenk followed up that effort while going 19-30 with 9 GBs and 1 goal and 1 assist in a 18-12 mid week win over High Point.
From US Lacrosse Magazine, read "Monmouth Transfer Allows UVA to Play Make-it, Take-it" 

Watch video of Schwenk's opening face off win which he turned into his first goal as a Cavalier


D3 Action

-Brant Pittman, NXT 2016: Had 1 goal and 1 GB in a 12-10 win over W&L

-Eric Carr, NXT 2016: Had 6 GBs, and 1 CT in a 12-9 win over Messiah. Carr followed up that performance with 3 GBs in a mid week win over Goucher.

-Robert Logan, NXT 2014: Had 3 GBs and 1 CT in a 14-11 loss to F&M

Ohio Weslyan
-Steven Hildebrand, NXT 2015: Had 1 goal in a 12-7 loss to RIT. Hildebrand and OWU bounced back beating Otterbein 18-6 mid week. Hildebrand led all scorers with a 3 goal and 4 assist performance in that win.

St. Mary’s
-Connor Campbell, NXT 2014: Had 1 Goal, 5 GBs, and 2 CT’s in a loss to Dickinson

Washington & Lee
-AJ Witherell, NXT 2015: Had 5 goals and 2 GBs in a loss to Denison
-Taylor WItherell, NXT 2017: Had 1 Goal and 1 Assist in a losing effort

York College
-Jake Hvazda, NXT 2016: Had 2 goals and 2 GBs in a 19-6 win over Eastern.