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Recruiting 101- Highlight Reels

Each week, Showcase Lacrosse will bring you blogs focused on recruiting and the uncertain times ahead in an effort to help you maximize this time off and best prepare you for when you are back out in front of college coaches.


The only evaluation of your play a coach can be doing right now is what you have on film. It is important to be putting your best foot forward. A highlight reel from late 2018 is probably not doing you any favors right now. 

Coaches have a relatively short time to evaluate each potential recruit and an even shorter time now with the recruiting circuit potentially being shoved into just one month this summer. A shorter recruiting window for a coach means less time spent evaluating each recruit. How do you maximize your evaluation? Sending them film your most up to date film NOW

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It is important to be updating your highlight reel regularly. Use this time without any lacrosse to watch your most recent game film and identify your top plays. Here are a few tips on how to improve (or make) your highlight reel from college coaches and the experts at NLV Productions.



1) Put your best plays first
Most coaches are not going to watch the entire highlight film. It is important that your best plays are first. 

2) Keep your highlight film under three minutes

3) Quality film 
Not a parent's phone!!

4) Use smart music choices, if any
You’re trying to impress a college coach, not go viral on YouTube!

5) Use multiple games, name the event and opponent
The larger the sample size, the better the evaluation.

6) Use Isolation graphics and effects
Make it clear where you are on the field. Providing a jersey number and color is not enough!

7) Make sure you put your contact information along with high school and club coaches as well for references

8) Make sure any searchable footage attached to your name is updated 
You don’t want a coach stumbling upon an outdated video from 8th grade.


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If you want to take advantage of this time, one of the best things you can be doing is updating your highlight reel along with making sure coaches have your most up to date version. Wherever a coach could stumble on your highlight film, make sure it is the most up to date. Whether that be a recruiting profile, a club website, or your social media bio.


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