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“You Win With People” with Ryan Terefenko, Pro Lacrosse Player for PLL Chrome and NLL Halifax Thunder & Defensive Coordinator at Culver Military Academy

Thanks to our special guest, NXT 2016 Alum Ryan “Freako” Terefenko! Ryan joins us for an outstanding interview during his first spring season as a high school coach at Culver Military Academy, where he also works in the athletic department.

Thanks to our special guest, Ryan “Freako” Terefenko! 

Ryan played for the NXT Lacrosse Club (NXT 2016) through middle school and high school, eventually heading to Ohio State University to play under Nick Myers. Following a legendary Buckeye career as a multiple-time Captain and All-American, he continues to play in both the indoor (National Lacrosse League) and outdoor (Premier Lacrosse League)  professional leagues.

Our former player is one of the sports’s most talented young players and coaches! Topics discussed include recruiting process reflections, love for the NXT Family, leadership lessons learned at Ohio State, and finding a sense of belonging in the pro ranks.

Here are some notes to help you enjoy this new episode!

Youth Sports Hot Topics

5:45, For Parents: Know who you’re getting involved with when looking for coaching for your child

22:15, For Coaches: “The Dreadful Split-Crease” - Working with defenders away from the ball when being attacked from below the goal-line

31:00, For Players: “Nothing of great importance can be achieved alone” and other lessons like “Truth and Love” learned through the program cultures at both NXT and Ohio State


Questions & Answers

21:00, Following his brother’s lead to pick up the stick, and the family’s love of lacrosse growing from there

24:20, Recapping the highlights of his high school lacrosse journey with his Wilson West Lawn High School team

26:40, Reflections of a “late recruit” turned High School and D1 All-American, sacrifices made and humbly working while waiting

28:30, The transition to being a student-athlete at Ohio State, playing as a Freshman, and battling injuries

35:00, Going Pro and gaining a sense of belonging in the Premier Lacrosse League as a Defensive Midfielder with the PLL Chrome

38:00, A geography lesson and more on the pro indoor lacrosse experience this season with the NLL Halifax Thunderbirds

40:25, A passion for coaching from a product of good coaching