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Abby Axe

Midfield 1

Academic/Athletic Accolades

Taking all honors classes this year, Ranked within the top 10 students out of the 430 students in my class. My academic honors include 10x Distinguished Honor Roll, 3x PTSO All-Around Student Award winner, and various subject awards.

Varsity women's volleyball, junior varsity women's basketball, and varsity women's lacrosse, two Rookie of the Year Awards in both volleyball and lacrosse. 

Extracurriculars/Community service

Outside of the classroom and off the field, I am involved in two clubs at Ridley High School. The first being Bocce Buddies. Bocce Buddies uses athletics to connect fully able students with those who are not as abled as I am. Using sports to connect with my peers has completely humbled me. Not a day goes by where I am not thankful to be on the field and in the gym while some people cannot be. The second club I am involved in is Mini THON. Quite obviously, THON is a widespread fundraising campaign to support cancer research. Once again, Mini THON has completely humbled me in the sense that I have the privilege to lead a normal life while some other cannot. THON has been such an amazing experience and I have met some of my best friends through Mini THON. In addition, I am a coach for my local club lacrosse team, DELCO Lacrosse. I have always considered my knowledge of the game to be high, so I jumped at the first coaching opportunity I received. Watching the next generation of female lacrosse players has helped me grow and develop my game in ways that I could have never achieved without my players.