Why Box Lacrosse?

It's fast, it's physical, it's FUN!

Box lacrosse is played with a 30-second shot clock and smaller goals. You get far more touches and reps than in field lacrosse. These differences lead to better stick skills, creativity, quicker decision-making, and becoming the total lacrosse player.

Expert coaching, an elite curriculum, and a best-in-class box experience is what you can expect with Phila Box. Our program is built around training while some are built around leagues or just game experience. In order to have success, you need ample training time to learn the proper techniques and strategy of the indoor game. Our mantra is we train more!


Player safety is something we take pride in at NXT. We provide athletic trainers at every practice as the game is faster and more physical than field lacrosse. We will gradually introduce equipment to the teams with the goal that by the end of the season, we are wearing full pads, helmets, and playing by official rules. Goalie equipment will be provided.

Player Development Model

Not all box programs are created equal!

1. Stick Skills Tons of touches in a tight space

2. Decision Making Small field and fast-paced scenarios

3. Complete Player Box lacrosse forces you to develop on both ends of the field

4. Team Strategies Learn box strategies that translate back to the outdoor game

5. Intangibles Leadership, hustle, coachability, competitive spirit, and being an energy raiser