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NXT Lacrosse Club 2024

At the 2024 level we currently have 42 boys across two teams, NXT 2024 Black and NXT 2024 Silver. Our '24 Black team plays at an AA level, while our '24 Silver team plays at the A level. As this class reaches high school, we will have an open tryout to form one NXT 2024 High School team.


FALL -  14 practices (21 hours), 3 team events
NXT Nightfall
• Harvest Classic
Hogan Fall Brawl

WINTER  -  6 practices (9 hours)

SPRING  -  12 practices (22 hours), 8 games
• College Gameday at UPenn
• Hogan's Spring Thaw
• NXT Spring League

SUMMER  -  9 practices (18 hours), 4 team events
• Adrenaline Platinum Cup
• NXT Cup
• 1 Event TBA


Throughout the year we provide opportunities for professional evaluations for players to determine their skill set and see if they're a good fit for NXT. Join us for our upcoming evaluations.

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NXT 2024 Spring League Highlights
Marty Kupprion 2
VP of Boys Lacrosse
Marty Kupprion