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NXT Girls Lacrosse Club 2030

The focus of the youth club teams is on developing individual player skills and team concepts with age appropriate drills and competition. The 3/4th grade division plays a 7v7 format that allows them to apply those skills and concepts and prepare them for future 12v12 play. We strike the perfect balance between challenging our youngest players and having a blast while doing so!


• Fall Classic (Black/Volt)
• The Crown (Black/Volt)
• Next Generation (Black/Volt)
• Fall Classic 4v4 (Halloween) (Black/Volt)

• National Girls Lacrosse League (Black)
• NXT Spring League (Volt)

• Impulse Lax Fest (Black/Volt)
• The Crab Cake (Black/Volt)
• The All-American (Black/Volt)
• The Trident (Black/Volt)

The NXT Black 2030 team is currently full. The Volt 2030 team has limited player spots available. If you are interested in joining the team, register for a professional evaluation!


Fall Schedule

Our 2030 club team practices 1x a week in the fall from September to November and competes in 2 fall tournaments. Players also participate in Nike Training Day and have access to our Play Fast training.

2022-23 Youth Value Prop

Winter Schedule

Our 2030 team practices 2x indoors in the winter. Players will also have access to our Play Fast Training.

2022-23 Youth Value Prop

Spring Schedule

Our 2030 team participates in the NXT Spring Play Day series which takes place over 2-3 Sundays in April and May as well as 2-3 team practices.

2022-23 Youth Value Prop

Summer Schedule

Our 2030 team practices 1-2x a week from May to July and competes in 3 summer tournaments.

2022-23 Youth Value Prop
Coach with NXT

Interested in coaching with NXT? NXT is currently looking for coaches with colligate coaching or playing experience to join our talented NXT LC staff.

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Executive VP of Girls Lacrosse
Kate Henwood
Vice President of Girls Lacrosse Education & Club / Coach
Candace Taglianetti Bossell
Director of Girls Education & Middle School to Youth Club / Coach
Laurie DeLuca