1. Safety Initiative
Safety Initiative

The health and safety of our participants is our highest priority. Along with our partners at Go4Ellis we are working to set the standard for safety in youth sports.

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Participant Safety

We staff athletic trainers at every tournament, club practice, league and camp. We also use the preeminent weather monitoring service—Schneider Electric—for up-to-the-minute info on weather conditions, and provide an opt-in text alert system for program updates.

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Professional Coaches

NXT’s educational programs are led exclusively by qualified, professional coaches with a passion for education. We extensively research the background of all individuals coming in contact with our participants, and fulfill all obligations set by federal and state laws.

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Weather Safety

NXT subscribes to Schneider Electric’s industry-leading weather monitoring service. Schneider is the official service of the NCAA and is utilized by most MLB organizations. The system virtually monitors every venue where NXT operates and sends automatic text updates to the event director whenever there is a weather threat.

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Emergency Action Plan

NXT creates an Emergency Action Plan for each venue at which it runs events and programming. Information in the EAP includes: ambulance access points, weather policies and procedures, location & directions to the nearest hospital(s) and other important information our staff utilizes in an emergency.

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Background Check Compliance

All NXT staff that are responsible for the welfare of participants undergo all required state background checks before they take the field.

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Check-In & Check-Out

Every educational program features a printed check-in list of of participating athletes. At day camps or other programs where parents do not stay for the duration, we follow strict procedures and release participants only to parents or other personnel authorized to pick up the child.


NXT employs a full-time Director of Participant Health and Safety tasked with keeping NXT at the forefront of youth sports safety. Similarly, NXT has partnered with Dr. Anne Colton of Premier Orthopaedics, who serves as our Medical Director.

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Ian McGinnis

Ian McGinnis serves as the Director of Participant Health and Safety for NXTsports. He is the head athletic trainer in charge of medical staffing for NXT programming and oversees the NXT Safety Initiative.

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Anne Colton

Anne Colton, MD serves as our Medical Director. She is an Orthopedic Surgeon with Premier Orthopedics in Havertown, PA. She specializes in Arthroscopy, Hip, Knee, Regenerative Medicine, and Sports Medicine.

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