Safety Initiative

Participant safety is at the forefront of everything that we do at NXT. Along with our partners at Go4Ellis, we are working to set the standard for safety in youth sports.

Our Mission

We staff athletic trainers at every tournament, club practice, league and camp. We also use the preeminent weather monitoring service—Schneider Electric—for up-to-the-minute info on weather conditions, and provide an opt-in text alert system for program updates.

Emergency action plans (EAPs) are created for each venue at which we operate. EAPs outline the role of each of our staff members in the event of an emergency so that everyone knows what they’re supposed to do and the situation is handled quickly and effectively.


NXT subscribes to Schneider Electric’s industry-leading weather monitoring service. Schneider is the official service of the NCAA and is utilized by most MLB organizations. The system virtually monitors every venue where NXT operates and sends automatic text updates to the event director whenever there is a weather threat.