The Scorers League

June 25 - 27, 2024

Bryn Mawr College

Time: 12:30 - 1:30 PM
MS (2028-2031)
Cost: $165

About The Scorers League

With Elite Level Coaches!
  • Meg Tyrrell (Syracuse)
  • Tai Jankowski (JMU)
  • Katrina Geiger (Loyla, MD)
  • Courtney Taylor (Temple)

This isn’t a shooting clinic. This is an advanced three-day training program for elite high school & middle school girls dedicated to becoming elite offensive players. You’ll work in a small-group setting with our “Starting lineup” of event directors! to learn what makes one of the game’s top offensive threats tick.

Each session is 60 minutes of shooting, footwork, and dodging, focusing on reps, creativity, and a commitment to the pursuit of excellence.

Sessions will be capped at 50 players to give you a small-group experience. Players will need goggles, sticks, and cleats. Each session will be led by our event directors and staffed with elite college players.

The Scorers League is open to players from any club.

Day Breakdown

Each session will focus on a new skill designed to elevate your game. Sessions will begin with the coaches walking you through a dedicated warm-up that you can use to start any shooting workout.

Day 1 | Footwork & Stickwork Foundation
  • How to think about, approach, breakdown initial dodges, and combinations
Day 2 | Shooting Foundation
  • How to create the best shot opportunities consistently
Day 3 | Dodging Foundation
  • Proper on the run form & dodging skills

2024 Coaches

Rachel Clark (Boston College)

Coach, The Scorers League

Bio & Contact
Georgia Latch (Loyola University of Maryland)

Coach, The Scorers League

Bio & Contact
Candace Taglianetti Bossell

Executive VP, Girls Lacrosse

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