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NXT Combine

The NXT Combine series will focus on providing exactly what college coaches want when they attend an exposure camp - short, precise sessions with tons of touches and interaction.

About NXT Combine

Are you ready to jumpstart your college career? 

NXT Combine was designed at the specific request of college coaches and feedback from elite high school athletes like you—more exposure and reps in condensed and efficient sessions.

Event features 

  • Sixes style play 
  • College coach-led skills clinics
  • Combine testing and measurables 
Upcoming Combine Events

Continental Combine

June 23, 2023 // Conshohocken, PA // 2025 | Taking place the night before the NXT Continental Cup, this is the perfect way to jumpstart one of the biggest recruiting weekends of the summer.

Winter Sixes Combine

December 16 - 17, 2023 // Springfield, VA // 2025-2026 | The top 2025s & 2026s in North America will meet at The St. James Field House in December for the Winter Sixes Combine—a longer day than the summer to maximize your exposure and college coach interaction.

The problems with girls exposure camps

  • Long drawn-out days that exhaust players and expose weaknesses 
  • Massive rosters that often force players to play out of position
  • Limited reps and exposure opportunities 
  • Bad facilities 
  • Limited college coach interaction 
  • No measurable accolades 
  • Low-quality game film
  • Not always NCAA compliant 

This has become the norm in the girls lacrosse recruiting landscape. NXT Combine was designed to address these issues head-on and provide a better recruiting experience for athletes like you. 

Why NXT Combine?

  • Efficient days—every session has a purpose
  • Small rosters provide you with more opportunities to showcase your skillset 
  • More reps between the sixes format, small rosters, and skills sessions
  • State-of-the-art and all-turf facilities
  • Industry-leading college coach interaction 
  • Combine testing—measurable accolades to add to your recruiting resume
  • Professional game film from NLV Productions
  • 100% NCAA compliant 

You've put in the work and deserve an exposure camp experience that maximizes your chances of reaching that next level. That is what NXT Combine was designed to provide. 

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